White Mountains NH

Next Steps

Our goal is to get you a confidential, support therapist within 24 hours if possible.

The scheduling software is reliable, commercial platform used by over 60,000 clinicians – but it is not as easy to use as we would like. It may take a few minutes of clicking to find a therapist with the time available that you want. You can get started by clicking this button … or read the instructions below.



7-9 Allison Andrews

9-12 Amy Fleischer

9-11 Lori Jannen

10-12 Robin Osborne

3-6 Vicky Fish

3:30-6 Karin Bleecker


9-11 Judith Bush

10-12 Paul Foster

12-1 John Nesbitt

12-1 Jessica Londa

3:30-5:30 Julia Healy

4:15-5:15 John Nesbitt

4-6 Victoria Brooks

4-6:30 Julie Puttgen

6-6:30 Jessica Londa


7-9 Allison Andrews

9-11 Kathryn Robbins

10-12 Victoria Brooks

3-4 Tia Winter

5-8 Amy Fleischer


7-8:30 Vicky Fish

8-9 Lori Jannen

9-11 Kim Knowlton-Young

10-12 Paul Foster

3-4 Tia Winter

3-5 Noah J Goodhue

4-6 Julia Healy


11:30-12:30 John Nesbitt

1-2 Jessica Londa

3-5 Tammy Blakeney


11-2 Tammy Blakeney

4-5 Amy Fleischer


3-4 Elisabeth Gardner

4-5 Vicky Fish

7-9 Patty Napiorkowski

Next Steps

Follow the steps below to book your appointment:

  1. Choose an available time slot from the calendar below
  2. Note the therapist(s) that has the day and time availability you want. Write down their name(s). You will need it in the next step. We know this is awkward – we are doing the best that we can with existing scheduling software. Note that there might be more than one therapist with that time available.
  3. Click the “Request an Appointment” button.
  4. Select the therapist whose name you wrote down.
  5. Follow the prompts. Select “Support for Covid-19 responders – No charge”, and “Video session”
  6. On the therapist’s calendar, click on the date that you want an appointment. Their first available date will show in blue, and their later dates will appear as white against the light gray of unavailable dates (look closely for the white dates). Click on the time that you want.
  7. If the times are full on the date that you prefer, there may be another therapist with openings on that day. Go back to the list of therapists and choose another therapist who is available that day.
  8. Fill out the form with your name, email address and phone number.

You will be sent consent forms to accept electronically within a few hours. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE CONSENT FORMS before your session is confirmed.

Write down who you would like to meet with on a piece of paper. You will need it for the next step.